Artful Stone Work takes great pride in the design and installation of every wall, from structural to decorative.

If your site requires a wall that needs additional engineering, we have the experience to assist you with any services that may be necessary. Sitting walls are created using stone on all sides because they are typically seen from all sides.

A sitting wall can be placed next to a patio to create a structural border but also provide more sitting space.

Retaining Wall Cost

Retaining walls are simple to construct, lowering construction and supply costs. The materials are reasonably priced when compared to traditional concrete, and most importantly, repair and maintenance does not require major overhaul work.

Retaining Wall Appeal
Stately and sophisticated, segmental retaining walls create outdoor living spaces that are beautiful to behold and inviting to walk through. They add visual and textural interests as well as convey a sense of permanence and value. The flexibility in interlocking paver stones puts you in control over your hardscape project.